There Are So Many Ways To Help A Child With Speech Difficulties

Children have a lot to do in those first few years of being on this earth. Growing, learning, recognizing things that might hurt them, developing a sense of self and learning to communicate. You have probably heard an exasperated parent asking a distressed child to help them understand what’s wrong. It is amazing when you think of how much a toddler has to take on just how they do it, and it seems so effortless.

When it comes to speech there are two aspects to what children take on, speech itself – the actual making of the sounds and putting them together in a way that communicates meaning. The other aspect is language itself. The understanding and comprehension of what the sounds we make actually mean.

When either of these is under-developed social language class san juan capistrano ca might be an active tool in helping children overcome the issues.

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There are many different therapy practices some of them are very traditional in what they do – focusing directly on the issue for example. But there are alternative therapies which seek to move the focus from the obvious and replace it with something more immediate and approach the main issue sideways.

Hippotherapy is one such technique. Hippo has nothing to do with the water living creatures, it is the Greek word for horse and hippotherapy seeks to use the movements of the horse to help a child engage their senses, their cognitive skills and the automatically the neuromotor skills.

The idea is that by bringing in another factor – like the horse, the patient has something else to focus on and the therapist uses that focus to engage with the patient and begin the language work in earnest.