Apr 02, 2016

Traditional Medical Uses Of Forskolin Around The World

It is a Coleus forskohlii plant extract that is used to treat several ailments in the body. The Coleus forskohlii plant is a part of the mint family herbs. Forskolin is a compound found in the root of the coleus plant. For many years, Coleus forskohlii has been used as a treatment in animals and humans as well.

Other than it being a root extract of the Coleus forskohli plant, this plant is native to the subtropical areas of Asia and Africa. They are native to such regions like Uganda, Thailand, and India. Many years ago, the native Asians used the root extract to treat several ailments in the body.

Health Benefits Forskolin Can Provide

Coleus forskohlii has a lot of health benefits that have been discovered over the years. Some of the advantages of the plant include the following;

• It boosts the immune system. The extract is known to activate lymphocytes and macrophages, which then helps to boost the immune system.
• Regulates hypothyroidism. Coleus forskohlii also has properties that stimulate the production and supply of thyroid hormones. This way, it will normalise the thyroid function in the body.
• It fights depression. Through the control of the thyroid function, Forskolin helps to suppress depression, which is connected to hypothyroidism.
• Promotes the cardiovascular system. The root extract has properties that help to enhance the heart contractility and lower the blood pressure. This way, it will promote the cardiovascular health.
• It promotes weight loss. In the recent times, Coleus forskohlii has been used to promote the burning of the extra fat in the body.
• It treats asthma and allergy. This root extract is known to be a potent muscle relaxer that is smooth on the muscle tissues. Though this, the resistance of the airways will be reduced, and there will be an increase in the vital capacity. All this will ensure that the breathing tracks are cleared and function perfectly.
• It is also known to slow and prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body.

Traditional Uses Of Forskolin By Different Regions In Asia

forskolin benefitsForskolin has been used in many areas over the years. Traditionally, the root extract was used to treat congestive heart failure, angina, and hypertension. The Asians also used the plant specifically to treat asthma and allergies.

It is also used to treat other conditions like psoriasis and eczema. This is made possible by the properties of the plant extract. Other common uses of the root extract include the support of heart, urinary, and lung health. Coleus forskohlii has tuberous roots that are made into partially sour pickles. The pickles are commonly served in some relishes in India and other regions in Asia.

In the recent times, the plant extract has been used in supplements to work as a fat burner and a testosterone booster. Since it is used to boost the testosterone levels, it means that it is a top target for men that want to hit the gym.

Are There Any Side Effects I Shouldd Know About?

According to researchers, Coleus forskohlii is a safe extract in the human health. Nonetheless, it might change the P450 levels and strengths. This is an enzyme system that helps to digest specific medications. For that, it is not advised to take any medication with Forskolin without consulting your doctor.

Even though it helps to boost the cardiovascular health, anyone with a heart disease must consult their doctor before taking the plant extract. It is not recommended to take the supplements if you are undergoing surgery. Ideally, stop taking them about two weeks before your surgery.